Work Holding Expertise

For almost a century Swindens Vices have offered engineers an unsurpassed level of work holding in every industry. from shipbuilding to oil exploration, standing apart from the competition. Swindens patented vice with its distinctive yellow and grey livery, has become a trusted friend to thousands of engineers by providing them with ‘an extra pair of hands to accomplish their jobs.

The Video Below Demonstrates Why the Swindens Vice is Different.

Watch this video to see an endorsement from a master silversmith who trains metalworking students at the famous Goldsmiths centre in London.

This video demonstrates very clearly how Swindens, with its unique revolving head and swivel base allows students to work on complex projects.

It is interesting to note that the trainer remarks that the Swindens vice is ‘student proof’ because it is so strongly made even after more than eight years of intensive use. The fact that the students all prefer to work with the Swinden vice rather than the other brands available in the training area, is a powerful endorsement of their versatility and performance.

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