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Why Swindens is the Most Versatile Bench Vice in 2021(Video)

In this video, we show just how useful and versatile a Swindens Bench Vice can be. When you are working carefully with a precious engineering component there is no room for error.

The engineer in the video explains why a versatile bench vice such as the Swindens allows him to work with care and speed on a high-value component with no risk of it falling out from the jaws of the vice.

The engineer also highlights the fact that a Swindens vice (vise) comes with plastic jaws in addition to standard steel jaws. This is particularly important in dealing with delicate components that need working on.

The great thing about a Swindens vice is how versatile it is compared to standard vices. You can move between flat faces and pipes easily and smoothly. Typically, once an engineer has worked with a Swindens versatile bench vice they will not accept working with another brand of vice (vise).

A Swindens vice provides the combination of strength and precision that an engineer needs. The vice is manufactured from high-quality cast iron, and the jaws are made from special alloy steel. The precision of the vice is guaranteed by a high degree of hardness in the steel and by the precision-ground jaws that are polished to a mirror finish. Whilst they are not the cheapest vices, the quality and reliability make them well worth the investment.

Let us know about your experiences with Swindens versatile bench vice and we can feature it here on our blog.

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