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What is the Best Vice For Farmers in 2021?

Swindens and Farming.

Farmlife is varied. A wide range of tasks is presented daily. To make it even more challenging repairs and modifications to equipment all call for immediate attention. In this post we look at why Swindens is the best vice for farmers..

Versatility is critical and this is where the Swinden Heavy Duty Vice is the star performer. The impressive array of features make it the ideal choice for Farmers.

The farming environment is a lot more challenging than a well-equipped machine shop. The farm workshop is a long way off the airconditioned spacious professional engineering facility.

On the farm, equipment is expected to perform in all conditions. 

Here we will go through the list of impressive features that make this vice the number one choice of vice for Farmers.

A history of dependability.

Over ninety years ago Claude Swinden patented his design for a Vice that would offer superior versatility in the most challenging situations. Within a few years, the unique swivel head technology had become the equipment of choice in the armed forces as well as British Rail.

Decades of service in the North Sea Oil and Gas industry fostered the reputation of exceptional toughness which was further supported by the performance of the vice in Gulf War conflicts.

An extra pair of Hands.

vice for farmers
Tractor maintenance is a skilled job.

Farmers rarely have a pair of extra hands about to assist them and this is where the versatility of the Swinden Heavy Duty Rotating Head Vice with a Heavy Duty Swivel Base becomes indispensable. The combination of the swivel jaws and the ability to position the workpiece in almost any position provides a truly secure and versatile solution to almost any type of work problem on the farm.

Farmers will appreciate the ability to reposition a workpiece without having to remove it from the jaws of the vice. A conventional vice lacks the ability to reposition the workpiece without removing it from the jaws whereas the Swinden Heavy Duty vice offers almost limitless scope for repositioning the workpiece.

The Swinden Heavy Duty Swivel Vice allows the workpiece to be revolved in a controlled and specific manner. This is critical when undertaking work that requires access to both sides of the workpiece.

Versatility coupled with Stability.

The swivel feature of the Swinden Heavy Duty Vice allows for the workpiece to be positioned according to the space available in the workshop. It also allows for the workpiece to be rotated through three hundred and sixty degrees both in the horizontal and vertical plane. 

This feature allows for a comfortable working position without the need to adopt strange body positions which creates fatigue. 

Farmers have expressed great satisfaction with this feature especially when undertaking welding repairs on pipes and other items. These would normally require welding through three hundred and sixty degrees but with the Swinden Swivel function welding can be undertaken in a static condition with the workpiece being revolved. 

Having two sets of jaws also provides the ability to quickly swop from conventional jaws to ones specifically designed for pipework. A great time-saving feature.

Jaws designed for delicate work such as holding chrome shafts normally associated with the hydraulic industry can easily be fitted to one set of jaws allowing for quick changes.

This does away with the need to change the jaws for different types of work. Simply swivel the jaws around to use the appropriate set.

Swinden Heavy Duty Vice for Life

vice for farmers
A Swindens vice lasts forever.

Vices have a tough life. They are expected to perform without any weakness. They get cranked up to hold an almost limitless array of items. The Swinden Heavy Duty Vice also has an anvil feature that can stand up to the harshest of treatment. Years of faultless service in the harshest of conflict environments have proved the resilience of this vice.

The use of Ductile cast iron ( SG Iron) results in a superior quality product. The Spheroidal Graphite Iron has a molecular structure that provides greater strength and ductility compared to vices made of Grey or Cast Iron.

In addition, the use of Ductile Iron allows for closer machine tolerances that result in a smoother and more accurate operating quality.

Design of the Swinden Heavy Duty Vice to handle the harshest conditions.

Similar to military conditions, farm equipment needs to operate in tough conditions. Not only in the workshop but sometimes bolted onto farm equipment for use in the field the farm vice is going to have to be up to the task. 

The Swinden Heavy Duty Swivel Vice has got all the credentials to perform at one hundred per cent efficiency in all conditions. The compact and superb design ensures that the screw mechanism is protected from the environment as well as preventing foreign matter from clogging up the screw mechanism.

Not only is the Swinden Vice extremely tough but it also has a distinctive attractive paint finish. So apart from owning the smartest vice in the district, you will also be the proud owner of a product that will be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

The distinctive yellow and grey body paint together with the bright steel sections makes for a most attractive piece of equipment.

Range of Swinden Heavy Duty Vices For Farmers.

There are three models in the Swinden range starting with the twenty kilograms (forty-four pounds) unit. It has a four-inch jaw capacity and a two and five eights pipe jaw capacity.

The heavier version of this unit weighs seventy-seven pounds and has a similar jaw opening.

The biggest of the Swinden Vices is the sixty-five-kilogram (one-hundred and forty-three pound) big brother of the range. This model can handle piping of up to seven inches in diameter.

All the models are available with an additional three hundred and sixty-degree swivel base.


Buying a vice tends to be a one-time occurrence. We expect it to outlast all the abuse we can hurl at it. It has to handle everything from welding, grinding, and hammering without flinching. The Swinden Heavy Duty Vice is just such a unit. It is designed and built to make sure that buying one is a once-off occurrence. It will serve you faultlessly for life.

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