Why Engineers Get Backache and the Best Way to Avoid it

One of the most common reasons why engineers face this problem is due to their habit of working with ergonomically incorrect tools. Today, I will talk about this issue and give an important tip to avoid this problem.

Avoiding back pain with Swindens vices.

We have spoken to many engineers over the course of the last few years and one topic that arose time and time again was the prevalence of back pain after a day working in the engineering shop. This was particularly the case when engineers were obliged to work in tight and confined spaces. For example on a ship where the engineer is dealing with equipment that is hard to reach easily.

We know it is because when they bend their trunk to use the tools, the weight of the body is pressed upon the spine. This pressure on the spine results in back pain known as lower back pain.

When the job at hand requires a vice to hold a piece of machinery it is crucial that the engineer can manoeuvre easily to reach all sides of the part he is working on. This must also be done in such a way that the valuable part does not risk slipping out from the vice and being damaged.

Engineers who are equipped with Swindens patented vices are less likely to experience this issue since the vices are fully rotational both horizontally and vertically. Whilst it is true that a Swindens vice may cost a little more than a regular vice this small difference is easily overcome when you realise how much time you save and how much more comfortable and content your engineering staff are using Swindens equipment.

You only have to look at the organisations that rely on Swindens vices – the armed forces, the Royal Navy, Jaguar Landrover and a whole host of blue-chip names who understand why engineers get backache and who it can slow down important industrial processes. The Heavy Duty Rotating Head Vice with a Heavy Duty Swivel Base is a masterpiece of engineering.

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