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What is the Best Vice For Farmers in 2021?

Swindens and Farming.

Farmlife is varied. A wide range of tasks is presented daily. To make it even more challenging repairs and modifications to equipment all call for immediate attention. In this post we look at why Swindens is the best vice for farmers..

Versatility is critical and this is where the Swinden Heavy Duty Vice is the star performer. The impressive array of features make it the ideal choice for Farmers.

The farming environment is a lot more challenging than a well-equipped machine shop. The farm workshop is a long way off the airconditioned spacious professional engineering facility.

On the farm, equipment is expected to perform in all conditions. 

Here we will go through the list of impressive features that make this vice the number one choice of vice for Farmers.

A history of dependability.

Over ninety years ago Claude Swinden patented his design for a Vice that would offer superior versatility in the most challenging situations. Within a few years, the unique swivel head technology had become the equipment of choice in the armed forces as well as British Rail.

Decades of service in the North Sea Oil and Gas industry fostered the reputation of exceptional toughness which was further supported by the performance of the vice in Gulf War conflicts.

An extra pair of Hands.

vice for farmers
Tractor maintenance is a skilled job.

Farmers rarely have a pair of extra hands about to assist them and this is where the versatility of the Swinden Heavy Duty Rotating Head Vice