The Swindens Revolving Head Vice Has Amazing 95 Years of History .

In this post, Anthony Marangos the Chief Executive at Swindens reflects on the origins of the iconic yellow and grey revolving head vice that is used by engineers around the world. Mr Marangos has developed his grandfather’s original concept to make the vice even more relevant to the civil and military organisations that depend on it.

CEO of swindens, makers of the revolving head vice
Anthony Marangos, grandson of the founder of Swindens Vices.

In 1928 my Grandfather, Claude Swinden, filed the Patent in the UK and USA for the Swindens Revolving Head Vice.

Every workshop in the world has a ?Normal bench vice?.

The Jaws are Flat (smallest 1 inch to 8 inches) and parallel.

They are horizontal to the floor.

The operator unwinds the Tommy Bar (Cross Bar) to open and then close the jaws to insert the object.

Should the operator need to work on a Round Object, e.g. a Pipe, the operator must remove the Flat Jaws and replace them with what we call Pipe Jaws.

The Swindens has BOTH Flat and Pipe Jaws on the same Vice Head, which rotates 360