The Swindens Heavy Duty Swivel Vice.#1 Best Choice For Gunsmiths.

gunsmiths love using a swindens heavy duty swivel vice
The art of the gunsmith

The world of the gunsmith is one of great variety. Starting from the everyday cleaning and maintenance of weapons to the wide range of repairs to which the gunsmith must apply his skills. To make things a little more challenging, the variety of weapons is almost limitless. And then, of course, there is the technical expertise to modify and build items which often blends the technical with superb artistry. This is where a swindens heavy duty swivel vice real comes into its own.

It is this broad application of skill and artistry that requires tools of exceptional quality and versatility. This is why gunsmiths value the design and multi-function of the Swindens Heavy Duty Swivel Vice.

Every trade has a list of speciality tools that allow the skilled artisan to accomplish specialized tasks, and gunsmithing is no different. From specialized magnetic screwdrivers to laser bore sighters, there is an extensive list of essential tools and right up there, at the top of the list is the vice to hold the workpiece safely and securely.

A History of Innovation and Quality For Swindens Heavy Duty Rotating Head Vice with a Heavy Duty Swivel Base

Stretching back almost one hundred years, the Swindens Heavy Duty Vice has been the hallmark of the very best in design and build. Claude Swinden made the first application for a patent in nineteen twenty-eight. The Swinden Heavy Duty Swivel Vice soon became standard equipment in the British Armed forces and British Rail. Forty years later, the same vice became the standard utilized in the North Sea Oil Industry.

In recent years the Swindens heavy Duty Vice has been the vice of choice in many conflicts in the middle east, both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The dependability and ease of use have made the Swindens heavy duty swivel Vice so popular across a wide variety of trades.

The quality of build and materials used.

Claude Swinden was adamant that his vices would last a lifetime and concentrated on using the very best type of materials. As a result, the Swindens Heavy Duty Swivel vice uses Ductile Cast Iron, providing greater strength than Cast iron. In addition, the ductility of the metal ensures greater flexibility and shock absorption qualities that gunsmiths highly appreciate.

The vice design with the enclosed screw section ensures that the mechanism is protected from external contaminants. In addition, this provides a continuous smooth action of the clamping mechanism.

Vices are generally rather unattractive tools. As a result, they have to deal with some pretty harsh treatment. The Swinden Heavy Duty swivel Vice has been able to combine the required toughness with a most attractive appearance. The distinctive bright yellow and grey paintwork is visually appealing and protects the steel from the elements.

So what makes the design of the Swindens heavy duty swivel vice so exceptionally good?

Put a piece of equipment into a vice, and that is where it stays. If you want to work on the other side of the part, you have to remove it from the jaws, reposition it, and reclamp it: a time-consuming and irritating procedure. 

The Swindens Heavy Duty Swivel vice turning the piece around is a simple matter of swiveling the vise around. No loosening the jaws, no repositioning of the work in the jaws. Simply rotate the vice and secure it in the position that allows the best access.

For the gunsmith, this has enormous advantages. The weapon can be securely held in the vice and positioned as required. The Swindens Heavy Duty Swivel Vice can rotate the weapon three hundred and sixty degrees horizontally.

 It is also possible to turn the piece vertically. The swivel jaws provide the ability to rotate workpieces through three hundred and sixty degrees in the vertical plane without the need to unclamp the workpiece.

Tackle and Guns magazine

The result of these features is that the gunsmith can work on every side of the weapon without repositioning it in the clamps. 

Being able to work comfortably by positioning the weapon as required results in less fatigue and strain. Altogether a far more efficient way of carrying out repairs and other operations.

Two sets of jaws make for a delicate mode of control.

The swivel jaws of the Swindens Heavy Duty Swivel Vise provide an intelligent and efficient system of utilizing different jaws for every application. Jaws for delicate work that won?t damage the fine artistry on high-quality weapons are located on one side of the swivel head whale.

Work requiring more robust and strenuous applications can use the other set of jaws?a neat way of saving time and avoiding damage to sensitive parts.


Buying a vice is often perceived as a  grudge purchase. Artisans will proudly show colleagues their new cordless power tool, but vises lack that promotion. The Swindens Heavy Duty Swivel Vise changes that a little. Here is a piece of equipment that allows a greater degree of versatility coupled with precision.

These features make for an efficient and safe working environment.

Buying a vice is usually a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. We expect the vice to last forever despite the treatment we put it through. However, the Swindens Heavy Duty Swivel Vise will be up to the task and a whole lot more.  

For the gunsmith that requires precision and reliability, the Swindens heavy Duty Swivel vice delivers a superb level of performance with features that will save time and reduce fatigue. 

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