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The Best Vice for a Shipyard in 2022

Shipyards are challenging places. Heavy equipment gets moved around, and giant cranes glide overhead carrying enormous sections of ships ready to be assembled. Nevertheless, new building yards have a sense of order about them. Ship sections wait in line to be welded up.

On the other hand, Ship Repair yards are a little less organized. So here we are dealing with on-the-spot repairs. Repairs that cover a broad spectrum of trades, and this is where the Swinden Heavy Duty Swivel Vice excels. Our vices are built to effortlessly accept a wide array of workpieces and make working on them effortlessly efficient.

Claude Swinden developed and patented his vice almost one hundred years ago, and the swivel head vice has become the leading style of vice for most engineering practices.and certainly the best vice for a shipyard.

swindens - best vice for a shipyard

The benefits of the Swinden Heavy Duty Swivel Vice.


Shipyard work covers almost every sector of engineering. From pipework to complex development and welding, they all require the assistance of a stable and secure helping hand. So let’s look at the factors that make the Swinden Heavy Duty Swivel Vice the most sought-after vice in the Shipyard.

The most appreciated function on the Swinden vice is versatility. Workpieces can be positioned in the jaws and then maneuvered into any other orientation without resetting the workpiece in the jaws. This is a considerable time-saving feature and promotes greater efficiency on the job.

Together with the three hundred and sixty-degree swivel base, the swivel jaws can rotate the workpiece and position it accurately in any position. This applies to the vertical as well as the horizontal plane.

Workpieces that require to be turned around to improve access can be easily and quickly positioned. This feature has a tremendous advantage in allowing for healthy body posture of the artisan and reducing strain and fatigue.

Jaws that Secure Make Swindens the Best Vice for a Shipyard.

The Swinden Heavy Duty Swivel Vice design includes jaws that offer tremendous holding power. We are talking of jaws that can deliver ten thousand pounds per square inch of pressure to ensure that the workpiece is totally secure.

The jaws designed for holding pipework can secure difficult to hold sections without slippage. What is so convenient is that the jaws can be rotated so that one set is used for conventional workpieces while the other jaws are ready to accept pipework.

The two jaw function means no delays while the vice jaws are replaced. Simply swivel over the jaws, and you are ready to work.

Super Tough Construction

The Swindens Heavy Duty Rotating Head Vice