swindens fully rotating vice

Swindens Fully Rotating Vice in Action (video)

We have many requests from users and enthusiasts to see the Swinden vice in action. For this reason, we will be publishing periodic videos showing the Swindens vice works in real-world settings. These will not be slick videos because they are normally filmed by engineers and hobbyists who use the Swinden vice on a daily basis.

A video showing the Heavy Duty Rotating Head Vice with a Heavy Duty Swivel Base from Swindens

If you are a Swindens user, either at your business workshop or in your garden shed, we would love to see photos and videos of what you produce and how the Swindens fully rotating vice helps you achieve your goals.

Swindens users are a real community of enthusiastic engineers, many with a military background who have come to appreciate the robust and flexible way the vice operates.

Swindens vices are used in many niches, but we have a larger user base in the military (Army, Royal Navy and Airforce) as well as in marine engineering. We are in daily use on Farms and in Car repair shops. Gunsmiths find out pipe jaws to be ‘exceptional’ and Swindens is the vice of choice in many training workshops.

So, don’t be shy, let us know by sending an email to

For existing Swindens owners we offer our new Heavy Duty Swivel Base on a 30 Day Free Trial, with special terms.

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