bench vice hacks for engineers

Amazing Bench Vice Hacks – Episode #1

Here’s a super simple video showing how an experienced engineer at Babcock in England used bench vice hacks to help him do some routine work more quickly and easily. A lot of people in shops may not realize how useful their bench vice can be for more than just clamping parts, so they only use it sparingly. I encourage you to take a closer look at the tool and discover for yourself how you can use it to get things done faster and easier.

Engineers love finding ingenious ways to make their life easier and more efficient. Doing so really satisfies them and makes them feel smart. One of their go-to tools is a bench vice, it’s one of those simple but often undervalued pieces of workshop equipment that can be very useful. Finding bench vice hacks will be a key feature on our blog.

Points to note on bench vice hacks in this video.

The engineer initially tries to use a conventional bench vice to position the metal pipe but the bench vice was too close to the work table to allow easy access. See how he works with the pipe jaws to hold the metal in an ideal position for cutting. These pipe jaws are a great feature of the Swindens range of bench vices. Note later in the video how easily he uses the vice as an anvil to bend the metal when forming his handle for the cage. Simple bench vice hacks – great results!

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People get really surprised when they see just how expensive a top-quality rotating bench vice can be but once they start using a vice such as the Swindens they realise that it pays for itself time and again by not wasting valuable moments adjusting the job you are trying to finish. The old adage ‘time is Money’ really resonates when a maintenance job needs finishing or a customers order needs a last-minute adjustment.

Hard-working engineers who rely on a versatile bench vice often tell us that they need to explain to cost-conscious management that there really is a difference between a bench vice for